The rise of an Ideology : Trumponomics

One of the most watched drama in 2016 was the election of the world’s oldest democracy – The United States of America and as dramatic the race was, equally surprising was its result in which a Real Estate magnet won against a seasonal diplomat by a whisker and became the 45th President of the world’sContinue reading “The rise of an Ideology : Trumponomics”

Iran: Latest piece of US middle-east puzzle.

Love affair of US and the Middle-east is such that, since the later part of 20th century US has been entangled in the local affairs of the region, be it organizing Camp David for Israeli peace or sending troops to Iraq for fighting Saddam Hussein or recent war with ISIS in Syria and the plansContinue reading “Iran: Latest piece of US middle-east puzzle.”

The fight for supremacy passes from the ports of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the nation with a population of 21 million and an area of 65 thousand square kilometer has become a latest point of contest between giants running for the throne of Asia. The modern history of Sri Lanka is marred by the more than 150 years of colonial exploitation which ended in 1972 whenContinue reading “The fight for supremacy passes from the ports of Sri Lanka”